Elections in India
Union Territories (UTs)
Other Elections
Presidential Elections
Vice-Presidential Elections
Rajya Sabha Members
Nawalgarh Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency
  Thirteenth  Vidhan Sabha  Elections  - 2008
  Twelfth  Vidhan Sabha  Elections  - 2003
  Eleventh  Vidhan Sabha  Elections  - 1998
  Tenth  Vidhan Sabha  Elections  - 1993
  Ninth  Vidhan Sabha  Elections  - 1990
  Eighth  Vidhan Sabha  Elections  - 1985
  Seventh  Vidhan Sabha  Elections  - 1980
  Sixth  Vidhan Sabha  Elections  - 1977
Summary Results
  Fifth  Vidhan Sabha  Elections  - 1972
  Fourth  Vidhan Sabha  Elections  - 1967
  Third  Vidhan Sabha  Elections  - 1962
  Second  Vidhan Sabha  Elections  - 1957
Summary Results
  First  Vidhan Sabha  Elections  - 1951
Summary Results
Estimated Population
              (as of now)

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